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AMT creates custom industrial automation systems through project-centric design and manufacturing, with thorough R&D to meet client specifications and cost-effectiveness.

We closely collaborate with several key companies, leveraging their product capabilities to create customized applications that meet our customers’ specific requirements. Our extensive range of products and solutions includes programmable relays, high-performance motion controllers, and interface modules.

With our cutting-edge technology, we can control both simple machines and complex process control applications across all industrial, infrastructure, and building sectors.
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Our Projects & Collaboration

Schneider Electric is an industrial automation and control products company that offers products for data acquisition, monitoring, processing, and stopping machines. It brings the applications into easy, reliable, safe operation and also ensures maximum efficiency and productivity with the implementation of smart solutions. They provide SCADA, HMI, Sensors, Motion Control, PLC, and more.
This is a filling and capping machine that included all of the Schneider products to form a solution that increased the efficiency and performance of your machines. It has operation interfaces, machine safety, detection of product passage and filling goods, a machine and motion control system, and the control cabinet.
This is a horizontal packing machine that simplifies engineering processes using controllers with fully embedded features, intuitive tools, ready-to-use-architectures, and dedicated software functionality. It included operation interfaces, machine safety, colour marker detection, film presence and tension sensors, detection of product passage, sealing and cutter positioning, temperature control, motion and machine controllers, and the control cabinet.
Yaskawa has established itself as a trusted brand, and they are a manufacturer of servos, motion controllers, AC motor drives, switches and industrial robots. Their Motoman robots are heavy duty industrial robots used in welding, packaging, assembly, coating, cutting, material handling and general automation which transforming an industrial into a more direct human-robot interaction factory.
This is a Yaskawa laser welding robot for automotive parts with intelligent process machining “on-the-fly”. The I-PFO (intelligent programmable focusing optics) is an intuitive and flexible system that has its main use in the welding of 3D parts, in which the “on-the-fly” mode is utilized. Metals can also be welded remotely using a laser beam, i.e., with a long focal length.
This is a Yaskawa 4-axis SCARA robot with a process of pick and place, it is ideal for assembly and sortation processes needing short cycle times. A compact body design with small footprint minimizes mounting space and enables easy integration with existing automation.
WEISS is one of the world’s leading system suppliers in the automotive industry, machine and plant manufacturing, life science, and electronics. The reliable and durable rotary indexing tables, handling units, delta robots, and linear transfer systems are making the industrial production of tomorrow a reality.
This is an assembly process whereby the indexing table machine includes a rotary indexing table, controls, rotating plates, and a base frame. Automatic transport and test stations between the individual assembly steps reduce operator intervention and manual handling to a minimum.
This is an assembly and testing of solenoid valves. 50 individual processes with extremely short changeover times were to be combined in one system. Linear mounting systems connected in series form the basic system with excellent accessibility, short workpiece of changing times and soft motion profiles.
Rollon is one of the world’s leading linear motion providers for customized product solutions and digital services, committed to a demanding, innovative, and sustainable approach. They are mainly focused on integrated actuators for industrial automation, find applications in numerous industrial sectors: from machinery servo systems to high precision assembly systems, packaging lines, and high speed production lines. It has evolved from Actuator Line series in order to meet the most demanding needs.

Cobot Transfer Unit

Plug and play for YR Cobots: A full range of Transfer Units for improving the reach of each size of UR Cobots.

Robot Transfer Unit

Improve your robots’ reach: Shuttle system for moving robots and heavy loads over long distances with high dynamics.


We build it for you: Versatile multi-axis systems designed starting from your specific needs.
Allen-Bradley is the brand-name of a line of factory automation equipment owned by Rockwell Automation. They manufactures programmable logic controllers (PLC), human-machine interfaces, sensors, safety components and systems, software, drives and drive systems, contactors, motor control centres, and systems of such products.
This is a vertical form fill seal machine that packages everyday products ranging from potato chips to candy. This type of machine is detecting at high speed the exact position of registration marker on the plastic film that indicates where folded film is to cut and sealed in order to create a perfectly formed pouch for the product.
This is a material handling system where the material is distributed from the main conveyor belt to its respective sub-conveyor belts. The barcode scanner will reads the barcode of the package In order for the controller to trigger the actuator which segregates the packages to their respective sub-conveyor.
Siko is an industrial automation company that develops and manufactures groundbreaking products for automation and drive engineering. They provide position indicators, rotary encoders, draw wire encoders, positioning drives, magnetic linear & angular measurement and more.

This is a labeling/marking system where all of the Siko products are included to form a process & modernization automation solution. Actuators ensure fast and safe height adjustment of the labeling module according to the size of the packaging. Drives are the best solution when format changes or product changes have to be made on machine spindles that are difficult to access.The horizontal positioning of labeling is carried out safely and efficiently on the machine via electronic position indicators.The conveyor belt guide is tracked via the monitored format adjustment in accordance with the new packaging format. The position indicators use green and red LEDs to indicate whether a format change has been made correctly and, if not, in which direction it must be adjusted.
This is an inspection & transport system where identifying the product by type and serial number. After each product change, the detection systems must be tracked according to the new additional packaging. In this case, an error would interrupt the serialization tracking and process security would not be provided. The camera is set horizontally and vertically via actuators to detect product labeling. The linear adjustment of the side guides of the conveyor belts is adapted to the respective packaging formats. Monitoring via the control prevents material jams and scrap in the event of possible incorrect operation.

Modular aluminium profile system (MAPS)

Aluminum profiles are widely used wherever you build machine frames, workstations, shelves, or guarding. Sturdy and flexible aluminum system profiles are also used for test set-ups, exhibit construction, and load-bearing structures.

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